Villa Cempaka

A majestic Balinese colonial style villa overlooking the Mayong-Munduk valley
Because villa Cempaka is built on a hilltop and has 2 floors, one has a magnificent view over the breathtaking Balinese scenery and the Mayong-Munduk valley. Villa Cempaka is an excellent choice for parties from 7 Р10 people. Our villa butlers take care of the house and all your needs. A perfect setting  for a relaxing and rejuvenating stay.

Gunung Paradis Exclusive

The whole retreat exclusively for you
This is the right choice if your party consists of 12-16 people. The retreat comprises in this case of a 4- and a 3 bedroom villa and a private swimming pool. All situated in a huge and lush tropical garden with partly Incredible views towards the Mayong-Munduk valley and the Bali Sea. There is plenty of space to have your private moments or when you want to meditate or contemplate. The villa butlers take care of all household duties, your meal requests and are also your personal assistants on special requirements and questions. This is the perfect setting for a most relaxing and rejuvenating stay.