Our Essence

We are a place for a Bali HOLIDAY "PLUS"


When we started building Gunung Paradis in 2005 as a dwelling compound for our retirement phase of life we could not imagine it would evolve to the sanctuary of peace, serenity and relaxation for a variety of guests from many corners of the globe.


It all started when we decided to share this beautiful compound with other people and opened it up for hospitality in 2007. In this first phase we just offered a luxury stylish holiday location with hotel services in a beautiful area of the World’s number 1 tourist destination (according to Tripadvisor members). But two, more or less parallel, experiences since then helped us to evolve into the “Energising Holiday Retreat” we are now.


The first one is the repeating excitement, reviews and compliments our guests gave us: “it is paradise”. Without exception people have that sensation within 24 hours after arrival. Remarkable relaxing effects occur even with guests who normally have difficulties relaxing and become in a state of ease and bliss. Not seldom guests leave us with regret in their heart that they cannot stay longer (some do however J).


The second experience as equally important is, that we personally were made aware of the root cause of so many chronicle illnesses in the world. And that is amongst some other contributing factors a combination of stress, processed food, toxicity and lack of mobility. This awareness has ultimately led to a personal lifestyle transformation. But it also brought us consequently to the ambition to contribute to the health of our guests and ultimately the redefining of the concept of our retreat, shortly described as “energising holiday retreat”. Mainly translated into super quality service, healthy food and wellness treatments that support the energizing ambition.


We are proud to experience that Gunung Paradis is a holiday haven for different types of travelers:

  • families looking for quality time with the children
  • adventurous minded couples exploring Bali
  • busy people who are longing for well-deserved relaxation
  • seniors seeking a gentle and caring environment
  • groups that love to use a private retreat to start a positive lifestyle change.


We are passionate about  Bali, Gunung Paradis and healthy living as well. We love to share Gunung Paradis and our passion and hope these together contribute in any way possible to the joy and health of our guests. So if you love to relax and support a feel good sensation for yourself and that both in a healthy way, book then a stay in Gunung Paradis. You won’t regret it.

Karien and Jack                                                                                                                                                    Owners of Gunung Paradis and Pondok Apsari