Authentic Bali Mountain Retreat between Munduk and Lovina


Book a Bali Villa Holiday in one of the island’s most beautiful surroundings. Gunung Paradis is unique. Our authentic Bali mountain retreat is located on a hill in Rangdu in North Bali, between Munduk and Lovina. A little paradise where you can relax or enjoy several exciting outdoor adventures. It is a place to immerse yourself in a serene atmosphere of relaxation, freedom, and just being. We cater to first-class services on each level. Consider the luxury accommodation, guest attention, contemporary healthy meals, and our renowned, relaxing, onsite spa treatments. But besides that, we also have inspiring trips and exciting outdoor activities ready to book. Altogether wrapped in famous Balinese hospitality delivered by our charming staff, prepared to look after all your needs attentively and pleasantly.

The closest we can come to reality is to give you an impression of what to expect here.


The location on a local hill in the village of Rangdu makes this an authentic Bali mountain retreat. The retreat offers panoramic views towards the sea in the North, hills with rice fields in the east, and the breathtaking Mayong-Munduk valley towards the southeast. In the end, the valley is flanked by three Vulcano tops, of which the right one is the second highest of Bali, Mount Batukaru, with a height of 2200 meters. Our front garden has two pavillions (Bale Bengongs) for guests to enjoy relaxing moments with beautiful views. On the Northside, you have a view of the Bali Sea. The famous seaside village of Lovina is only 8 miles away to the east.


Several aspects that work together contribute to your well-being in Gunung Paradis Retreat. You first encounter your warm welcome experience, followed by entering your booked accommodation. Of course, it depends on the type, but all accommodation is high quality, tastefully decorated, and makes you feel at home from the start. A lush tropical garden surrounds the villas of Gunung Paradis Retreat. The large swimming pool with a massage pavilion completes the setting. Our guests can enjoy the panorama view of the neighboring Mayong-Munduk valley and the volcano tops behind it from our front garden with two pavilions.


Being in Gunung Paradis, one senses the relaxing and soothing energy surrounding one. Our villa staff helps to enhance that feeling with their caring attitude. They are your exclusive assistant, taking care of the villa’s cleanliness/hygiene and the catering so that you can relax in the best way possible. And there is more.


We are advocates of the best healthy lifestyle possible, and therefore, we have created a tasty meal plan policy and -menu for our guests based on the following:

                        • High nutritional value
                        • Fresh produce (organic as much as possible)
                        • Wheat-/gluten-free (bread and pancakes) – on request
                        • Mouthwatering Healthy Indonesian/Balinese Food
                        • Free of toxic ingredients (i.e., no MSG, etc.)
                        • Use of the healthiest cooking oils like coconut- and olive oil
    • The retreat’s kitchen staff is flexible in addressing specific diet requirements, such as vegetarian, vegan, celiac disease, or other particular requirements or food allergies.


    • Our super clean mountain spring water well deserves special mention. The well is 125 meters deep and has provided us for more than 18 years with the most pristine and safest water that mother nature can produce. We drink this very tasteful water without any filtering. As a safety precaution, we have water samples laboratory-tested at least once a year. It never fails to pass the safety test.


      Although we do not have a specific SPA-building, we offer a few SPA treatments like yoga classes, massage, and nail treatments.


      Last but not lesser, part of your North Bali experience will be the long list of outdoor activities on the sea or in the mountains. There is too much to enjoy around Munduk and Lovina for one holiday, so you must postpone some for your next visit.


      Gunung Paradis Retreat is one of the best places to relax in Bali. Here you can eat healthy, learn how to slow down, recharge your batteries, rejuvenate, and get a true sense of life’s meaning