Ultimate relaxing is our signature

Who does not want to relax ?

Most of us live busy lifes. Full of tasks to do from running a household, take care of kids needs, fulfill a job for your boss or your company and do some social things also. That gives us planning stress. Then there is financial stress. Can we meet ends this month? Living from bill to bill. But there is also relationship stress, medical stress, performance stress and so on.

Stress is part of living in a Western society. Stress can be harmful for mind and body. So relaxation is key to destress and to create conditions for happiness. One cannot be happy whilst living under stress isn’t it?

Ultimate relaxing, what do we mean by it?

Stress originates in the mind and influences mood and body in a negative way. Stress causes tension in the body. Stress hormones are excreted , causing muscles to contract as to prepare the body for danger. So you are able to fight or fly. Modern society and “work ethics” cause more and more chronic stress which is detrimental for your health in general. Chronic stress is the foundation for most of chronic diseases.

To escape from this state, so to become relaxed you have to work on the mind and all that is influencing it in a negative way. As a result also the body will relax abd thus you will reach a state of ultimate relaxing. It brings you feelings of ease, joy and bliss. Relaxed in mind and relaxed in body.

What can Gunung Paradis do for you ?

You could call Gunung Paradis a ” Relax Retreat”.  We have all that you need to relax. The nature, the beauty, the atmosphere, the serenity, the energy and our personal attention do help you in ultimate relaxing. We take away all worries about your stay with us and we provide relaxing treatments like yoga class, relax massage or energy healing.

We advise you on activities to do and places to visit and we bring you there.

We make your stay in Gunung Paradis a memorable one.

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